Stats Analysis Game 5: Toronto Rush 26 DC Breeze 20

Things did not go well for the DC Breeze in their first trip north of the border this season. Falling to the Toronto Rush 26-20 for the seventh time in a row on the road, the Breeze still have never solved the division champs in Toronto and have dropped to second place in the AUDL East standings.

Next Game: May 20, 6:30pm vs Montréal

This game saw the Breeze (3-2) trailing by multiple points in the opening quarter for the first time this season. Even in the team’s loss to the Flyers, they managed to be up a break after twelve minutes. Toronto (4-2) was able to break D.C’s commanding offense four times in a row in that span. By the time the quarter was over, the Rush had built a 9-5 and had just scored five in a row.

D.C. would claw back to be down 14-12 with Rowan McDonnell (one goal, two assists) finding Chuck Cantone for his second goal of the day. But the team was only able to muster five blocks the entire game. Contrasting this, the team turned it over 22 times.

This was also the first contest Tyler Monroe did not go on a goal scoring tear. In fact, Monroe never found the end zone with a disc and ended the day with  (-2) plus/minus despite a team-leading 5 assists.

Complete Breeze stats

Breeze Top 5 Performers of The Game:

Jeff Wodatch: 4 goals, 2 assists, 1 block, 13/15 throws (+5)

Alan Kolick: 4 goals, 1 assist, 29/31 throws (+2)
-Leads the team in assists (17), second in +/- (19), second in goals (13), tied for second in blocks (5)

Lloyd Blake: 2 goals, 1 block, 34/35 throws (+2)
-Leads the team in completion percentage with 100+ throws (97%), tied for second in blocks (5)

Tyler Monroe: 5 assists, 25/30 throws (-2)
-Leads the team in goals (14), second in assists (14)

Jonathan Neeley: 2 assists, 1 block, 27/27 throws (+2)

Returning home, the Breeze face the Montreal Royal (2-3) for the first time all season this upcoming weekend. Last year DC won the season series 2-1 with the team stealing a road win. It will be a matchup between the only two teams that have already knocked off the division leading Rush this year. First pull is Saturday May 20, 6:30pm at Hotchkiss Field. Click here for tickets.

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