2016 Top 10 Players: Passing


Markham Shofner

Here are the Top 10 Breeze Players for Passing productivity during the 2016 season. To determine this list we considered several statistical categories along with the overall impact each player had on the game when the team had possession of the disc. The players were ranked based on their total number of assists, average assists per point played, completion percentage, and total passes completed. This listing reflects the order of importance the categories had on each player’s ranking. The Top 10 lists for each subcategory are also included below.

1. Markham Shofner

Shofner takes first place as the Breeze’s top passer in 2016 with 38 assists and 0.15 assists per point played, both figures good enough to rank best on the team. His passing percentage was 93 percent with 251 completions, the latter also making him the fifth most prolific thrower on the squad. One of his flick hucks even made a weekly AUDL Top 10 plays of the week.


Nicky Spiva orchestrated the D-Line in ’16

2. Nicky Spiva

Spiva tallied 33 assists and averaged 0.13 assists per point played, both huge numbers considering he played nearly 80 percent of his points on defense this season. He also had an 88 percent passing percentage for 229 completions in a truly impressive passing performance as a primarily D-Line handler.


3. Jeff Wodatch

Premier cutter Wodatch finds himself in the number three spot in passing with 37 assists throughout the season, 2nd best on the team. He averaged a total of 0.11 assists per point played, a top 6 ranking in that category as well. Wodatch’s passing percentage was 93 percent, and he finished second on the team with 284 completions. It was a remarkable passing performance for a player who was even better at catching the disc this season than he was at throwing it.

Wodatch and Kerrigan: sweet-passing cutters


4. Alan Kolick

Kolick had 28 assists and a 0.10 average for assists per point played. He finished the season with 95 percent passing percentage while completed 269 passes in total to finish third highest on the team in both of those categories. All in all these were terrific numbers for this premier handler, especially given that he played 58 percent of his points on the D-Line.


5. Matt Kerrigan

Kerrigan is fifth place with 30 assists during the season while primarily being used as an O-Line cutter. He averaged 0.12 assists per points played and had a total passing percentage of 97 percent for 240 completions. These stats were good for Top 6 or better in all four categories.


6. Jonathan Neeley

Neeley led the team with 389 completions

Neeley ended the season with 17 assists and 0.06 assists per point played. Both stats were lower than the next two players on this list, but he moves up here by leading the team with a whopping 389 passes completed, 105 more completions than second place Wodatch,  and the 3rd best passing percentage on the team among those with 100+ completions at 95 percent. Neeley was a true symbol of consistency on the Breeze O-Line all season.


7. Jonathan Helton

Helton completed 24 assists and 0.14 assists per point played with a passing percentage of 90 percent for his 146 completions, all very strong marks for this strong hybrid contributor to the Breeze O-Line in 2016 despite missing several games for national team duty. The 0.14 assists per point played were 2nd only to Shofner’s 0.15.


8. Rowan McDonnell

Another hybrid to make the list, McDonnell places eighth in our list with 27 assists, 0.08 assists per point played, and an 89 percent passing percentage among 196 passes while playing over 80 percent of his points on the D-Line.


9. Tyler Monroe

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 12.54.15 PMVersatile rookie Monroe had 15 assists, a 0.09 assist per point played average, and a passing percentage of 95 percent. He threw 237 completions throughout a very impressive professional rookie season as one of the team’s key O-Line hybrids.


10. Bob Liu

Liu finished the season with only 8 assists and 0.04 assists per point played, but he rounds out the top 10 with a fourth-best total of 258 completions and impressive 95 percent completion percentage, making him one of the most prolific and efficient passers on the team despite his fewer tosses into the end zone than usual this season.


Honorable Mention: Tom Doi had 17 assists in only 105 total passes in 2016 while playing almost exclusively as a cutter for the Breeze O-Line. Clearly when he caught the disc out of the end zone, he often found the next target for the score.

Honorable Mention: Nico Lake finished with the highest completion percentage on the team of anyone who completed at least 100 passes: 98 percent. He had 123 completions and 8 assists with a grand total of only 3 throwaways.

Honorable Mention: Brett Matzuka completed 202 passes with a 94 percent completion percentage in limited playing time — both Top 10s on the team.


Top 10s in Passing Categories


  1. Markham Shofner, 38
  2.  Jeff Wodatch, 37
  3. Nicky Spiva, 33
  4. Matt Kerrigan, 30
  5. Alan Kolick, 28
  6. Matthew “Rowan” McDonnell, 27
  7. Jonathan “Goose” Helton, 24
  8. Jonathan Neeley, 17
  9. Tom Doi, 17
  10. Tyler Monroe, 15

Assists per Point Played (min 100 points played)

  1. Markham Shofner, 0.15
  2. Jonathan “Goose” Helton, 0.14
  3. Nicky Spiva, 0.13
  4. Tom Doi, 0.13
  5. Matt Kerrigan, 0.12
  6. Jeff Wodatch, 0.11
  7. Alan Kolick, 0.10
  8. Ben Scharadin, 0.10
  9. Tyler Monroe, 0.09
  10. Matthew “Rowan” McDonnell, 0.08

Completion Percentage (min 100 completions)

  1. Nico Lake, 98%
  2. Matt Kerrigan, 97%
  3. Alan Kolick, 95%
  4. Jonathan Neeley, 95%
  5. Bob Liu, 95%
  6. Tyler Monroe, 95%
  7. Chuck Cantone, 95%
  8. Brett Matzuka, 94%
  9. Jeff Wodatch, 93%
  10. Markham Shofner, 93%

Total Passes Completed

  1. Jonathan Neeley, 389
  2. Jeff Wodatch, 284
  3. Alan Kolick, 269
  4. Bob Liu, 258
  5. Markham Shofner, 251
  6. Matt Kerrigan, 240
  7. Tyler Monroe, 237
  8. Nicky Spiva, 229
  9. Brett Matzuka, 202
  10. Matthew “Rowan” McDonnell,196