2016 Highlight Video — Markham Shofner


Markham Shofner, who first signed with the DC Breeze in 2016, will begin the second half of his 2-year contract next April. The 27-year- old handler from Nashville certainly earned his Breeze stripes during his first season with the team, and made his presence well known on the field. He had a total passing percentage of 93 percent over the course of 12 games and 258 points, and was #1 on the team in both assists and assists per point played. Shofner was ranked top overall in Passing Productivity by the team for the 2016 season.

Markham Shofner Highlights – 2016

If his 2016 season was any indication of the impact he’ll have next year, be prepared to hear Shofner’s name spoken emphatically… and at crucial moments in games. Look out for his cheeky fakes, flawless dimes, and signature throwing creativity all over the Gallaudet University turf again beginning next April.