Breeze Announce 28-Man Playoff Roster

AUDL teams are allowed to add and remove players on their roster throughout the regular season as they see fit, as long as there are only 28 officially on the roster at any given time. As with many other teams, this allowed the Breeze to practice with and rotate among more than 28 players using an extended roster. The Breeze extended roster had 35 top quality players this season. 34 of those 35 suited up for at least one game with only the injured Brad Scott never touching the turf in an official game.

Breeze vs Montréal, Friday August 11: Game Info | Tickets

Despite that regular season flexibility, teams are limited to a single fixed roster of 28 players for  the postseason. Unfortunately, this leaves seven solid contributors off of the postseason roster as the team makes their push to the AUDL Final Four. Today the Breeze are announcing their 28-man roster, which actually had to be submitted to the league prior to their 12th game of the season for various legitimate reasons. Therefore, the selections could not take into account contributions and improvements over the last three games.

The 28-man roster features 13 rookies and 15 AUDL veterans.

# Player Position Games Played (2017)
1 Zach Norrbom Handler 3 games
3 Delrico Johnson* Cutter 13 games
4 David Boylan-Kolchin Cutter 6 games
6 Jonathan Neeley Handler 12 games
7 Keven Moldenhauer* Handler 6 games
10 Tyler Monroe Hybrid 9 games
14 Lloyd Blake* Handler 13 games
15 Nate Castine Handler 4 games
17 Eric Miner* Cutter 7 games
21 John Agan Cutter 10 games
22 Brian Marshall Cutter 8 games
23 Max Cassell Hybrid 11 games
25 Ryan Swift* Cutter 11 games
27 Austin Bartenstein* Handler 13 games
28 Matthew McDonnell Hybrid 12 games
30 David Bloodgood* Handler 14 games
34 Joe Freund* Cutter 5 games
36 David Shields* Hybrid 12 games
42 David Cranston Cutter 7 games
43 Nathan Prior* Handler 9 games
45 Jeff Wodatch Cutter 11 games
47 John Walden* Cutter 7 games
66 Marcus Thaw Cutter 10 games
81 Alexander Taylor* Handler 4 games
84 Chuck Cantone Cutter 13 games
87 Matt Kerrigan Cutter 8 games
90 Markham Shofner Handler 7 games
99 Alan Kolick Handler 9 games

*: denotes AUDL rookie for 2017 season

The team is still limited to a 20-man active roster for each game, as in the regular season. For instances, if a player among these 28 is not active in the first round game, he is still eligible for future contests.

If DC keeps winning, there could be as many as four postseason games for the squad in 2017. First up will be the #3 seed Montreal Royal (9-5) traveling to Washington D.C. on August 11.

Breeze vs Montréal, Friday August 11: Game Info | Tickets

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