Breeze Lose Heartbreaker to Philadelphia, 22-21

The DC Breeze lost a heartbreaker in Philadelphia last night, 22-21. It was the first loss to the Phoenix(2-6) since 2013, as the Breeze (5-3) have owned the rivalry with their closest neighbor for the past three seasons. Both offenses executed well, especially in the 2nd half where the D-lines couldn’t convert the few chances they had for breaks. That all changed in the last few minutes of the game, when the Breeze O-line suddenly had trouble executing and the Philadelphia defense was able to convert two Breeze throwaways into key breaks to get their first lead of the entire game and seal the 1 point victory.

Tyler Monroe continued his hot hand this season with an impressive 8 assists, 6 more than any other Breeze player. He also added a goal to his team leading tally of 20 on the season. Lloyd Blake had 4 goals and 2 assists, and newly signed 19-year old Joe Freund had 2 goals and an assist in his Breeze and AUDL debut.

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